Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pere Marquette Rail Trail Midland MI

The Pere Marquette Rail Trail is 30 miles of paved trail that runs from Midland,MI to Clare,MI.  The trail passes through Sanford, Coleman, and Loomis.  I started my ride in Midland and turned around in Coleman covering 20 miles of the 30 miles of trail.  This trail is one of the best rail trails I have used.  The scenery may not be the most spectacular and the trail surface may not be in perfect condition but overall it is a great trail.  In the 20 miles of trial I rode there were no hills to climb just flat smooth trail.  The towns of Midland, Sanford, and Coleman has setup parks that offer trail heads with parking and restrooms.  I did not make it to Loomis or Clare and based on the trail map they too have parks setup around the trail.  In addition to the town parks there are break areas along the trail and some with restrooms.  All the rail trails I have used are great trails well maintained but the Pere Marquette with all the trail heads and rest area makes it a great trail experience.  Along the trail between Midland and Coleman there are two restaurants and one wine tasting facility that are on the trail and a bike rental kiosk in Sanford.