Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Boulder Canyon Trail Apache Junction AZ

The Boulder Canyon Trail is a 8.6 mile out and back hike.  The trail is rated as hard and after completing it I have to agree or at least by my rating it is a hard trail.  The elevation total gain was given as about 2000 feet my Apple Watch showed 1984 feet elevation gain.  The hike is well worth the effort as you will see in the below pictures there were lots of beautiful scenery.
AllTrails listed the trail as moderately trafficked but we only saw a couple of other hikers on the trail.  As we were hike i noticed there were a lot of signs of horses using trail and sure enough we met up with a group on a trail ride and got several good pictures.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Praying Hands to Slot Rock Hike

Praying Hands to Slot Rock Hike
Superstition Mountains 
Lost Dutchman State Park

The Praying Hands to Slot Rock hike is located in the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, AZ.  The trail is a 4.3 mile loop with 954 foot elevation gain rated by Alltrails as a moderate level of difficulty.

The area has a lot of hikers with multiple intersecting trails and a lot of short false dead end trails.  I used the Alltrails app on my phone and was able for the most part stay on the correct trail.  The trail is probably correctly labeled as moderate no part of the trail was extremely steep or difficult to gain footing.  I did use my hiking poles and they were a welcome addition to my gear.

The hike offered lots of panoramic views with some interesting rock formations.

Praying Hands

Praying Hands

Slot Rock