Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alaskan Highway May 2016

Here is a taste of the pictures I took driving the Alaskan Hwy from Dawson Creek British Columbia Canada to the Alaskan State line.
British Columbia was absolutely breath taking.  I saw most of the wildlife in British Columbia.

The reason I liked British Columbia is most of the Yukon part of the Alaskan Hwy was under construction and consisted mostly of grave road.  It felt like several hundred miles but it as at least 100 miles I had to cover in one day...what a day.

Dawson Creek

Toad River British Columbia

Toad River

Toad River

Toad River...Yes I send an afternoon and a night here at a pull off.

Toad River

Whitefish Lake Yukon

Yes wild bison.  I stopped just past here to fuel up they told me I could have all the bison I wanted just take them...to them they are like our whitetail...British Columbia and Yukon


Whitefish Lake Yukon

A grizzly and her two cubs.  Yukon

Alaska Welcome Sign

I have more and will post as I have time to prep them and when I have an internet connection.
Not much cell coverage up here but the views are great.  I hope to try some fishing tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lake Louise Alberta Canada

Lake Louise has become symbolic of the quintessentially Canadian mountain scene. This alpine lake, known for its sparkling blue waters, is situated at the base of impressive glacier-clad peaks that have long been at the heart of Canadian mountaineering. At about 2.5 kilometres long and 90 metres deep, the lake offers a surreal paddling experience in the warm summer months and one of the most scenic skating rinks in the world in winter.
The hamlet of Lake Louise, located just minutes from the lake itself, has been developed over the last century to serve the needs of people visiting this astonishingly accessible and picturesque area of Banff National Park. Located nearby, Moraine Lake, with its indigo blue waters surrounded by the Valley of the Ten Peaks, is another one of Canada’s most iconic lakes.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Glacier National Park

My first stop on the Road to Alaska.  The rain and snow was not part of the plan but it was a nice addition...I took US 2 from upper state MI to MT it was a great route to take.  Not much traffic with small to medium size towns spaced out not too close but close enough to give plenty of opportunity for stops. 

The Ride in on US 2 MT

My Camp Site View

12 May and Snow
It started to rain with snow mix 5/12 and turned to snow late Thursday.  I woke up Friday 5/13 for this beautiful view.

St Mary Lake

Going-To-The-Sun Road

Rocky Mt Big Horn Sheep

Mule Deer


Rocky Mt Big Horn Sheep

There was several tent campers in the campground that stayed for the rain and snow.  But these girls were the only ones that were still in good spirits the next morning.