Friday, May 19, 2017

Moyie Crossing

Moyie (River) Crossing

Sculptures by Jeffery Funks at the Moyie Crossing picnic area and wildlife viewing areas. 
Pacific Gas and Transmission run a pipe line through Boundary County that called for a dozen crossings on the Moyie River.  P.G.T. was careful to minimize damage and preserve and, in some cases, improve habitat and recreational opportunities.  The Bonners Ferry Ranger District had a vision for crossing No. 4, a park combining picnic areas, wildlife viewing areas and, for the first time in forest service history, sculptures.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Robinson Lake Bonners Ferry ID

I have posted a few pictures of the Robinson Lake area.  I have just started exploring the area...there will be more to follow along with a few more details about the area and my experiences as a CampHost.

A view along Hwy 95 north of Bonners Ferry about 8 miles from Robinson Lake Campground

Robinson Lake off the fishing dock with the edge of swimming dock on left side.

The other end of Robinson Lake

A view of the trail leading from campground to Robinson Lake

My home for the summer at Robinson Lake Campground

Gillon Creek Trail at campground

Gillon Creek Trail at campground

Gillon Creek Trail at campground

Gillon Creek Trail at campground

Gillon Creek Trail at campground

Part of the Day Use Area of the campground 

                                                         Yellow Skunk Cabbage
It has skunk like odor to draw flies as pollinators.  It is edible but you may experience a burning sensation in the mouth if eaten raw.  If roasted/dried it removes the burning sensation.  The yellow skunk cabbage is related to taro a staple for the Polynesians.  It is also eaten by black bears.

It can be boiled as a green and eaten.  Some Western Indian’s used it as a presumed aid to childbirth with a nick name of Birthroot.

Another view of the campground