Sunday, October 5, 2014

Haas Lake New Hudson MI Misc Pictures

A shot of the Golf Course next to the Campground

This is a shot one evening from my site overlooking a small lake

I had seen a Kingfisher diving in the lake close to my site several times.  I spend several afternoons out reading with camera in hand waiting on the Kingfisher.  I had seen this Osprey several times but he was always high and never close to the lake.  I patiently waiting on the Kingfisher when here comes the Osprey.  Canon T3i with Sigma 250MM lens at about 100 yards.

These closer shots were cropped and enlarged.


  1. Hey Andy, I'm still missing you! The pics are great.

    1. I have made it to SC spending time with family and friends. I am trying to schedule a trip to Atlanta soon. I am still riding some but I have not found any good trails in SC yet...and I am still not big on riding the highway with traffic. I too miss our rides and wine tasting.