Friday, January 2, 2015

Stone Mountain Christmas

I retired on 27 June 2014 it is now 1 January 2015…Six months into my new life as a full time RV’er.
Was it what I had expected?  Yes and no mostly yes.  I was concerned about getting bored and becoming inactive.  I started out thinking I have to have something planned every day, and I was spending more time planning my next venture than enjoying the moment.  Then I realized this is a trap a lot of retired people fall into, or at least that is my opinion.  We work our entire life from 9-5 (more like 6-6 for a lot of us) and try to take that schedule into retirement or we decide to just do nothing…but I have adapted well and will start sharing more of my adventure along with continuing to post pictures.
January 2015 Georgia, the weather is all over the place, little rain, a little cool weather, not much warm weather, so I have not been riding my bike much.  Spent an afternoon and evening at Stone Mountain with friends enjoying the Christmas Adventure.  I had been to Stone Mountain several times previously and last year got a taste of the Christmas Adventure. 
We arrived at Stone Mountain around 3PM the question what to do first, opted for the Plantation Museum an interesting look into the plantation days.  The Museum is not on an actual Plantation site but a grouping of actual homes and building from the 1700’s thru the mid 1800’s with lots of fact to give a good understanding of the live and times during this period of America.
After the Plantation the Sky Lift to the top of the mountain was next on the list.  The line for the lift was long but it moved steady.  We were in line at 4:30 and the lift closes at 5:00 so we were one of the last groups for the evening.  The sky was clear with a few clouds and a small chance of rain.  We arrived just after sunset and had a beautiful view of Atlanta and the surrounding area.  We then got back in line for the ride down just as the a few rain drops were starting to fall.  But when we got to the bottom of the mountain the rain decided to hold off so off to the next venture.
By the time we reached the main area the Christmas lights were in full glory, lights everywhere on everything.  They do a great job with the lighting of the area.   We took in a little glass blowing and a quick diner at one of the restaurants in the main park area. 
Now it is time to ride the train around Stone Mountain.  With it being dark the ride was not quite what we had hoped for but it was fun.  Some sing along carols, a few lights shows and a special stop for a little Christmas Play we viewed from the train.
We had other things on our list but time was out and it was time for the fireworks.  We found good location and enjoyed the fireworks.

I will go back but arrive earlier…

Yes I forgot my camera, I will do better next time:-)

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