Monday, March 16, 2015

Desert Sunsets and Sunrise with some Flowers

Swansea Ghost Town  This was a Copper Mining operation.  It's 25+ miles off the paved roads.

Swansea's post office was established March 25, 1909 and was discontinued June 28, 1924. Swansea was the headquarters for the Clara Consolidated Gold and Copper Mining company. A railroad connected Swansea to nearby Bouse in 1908 and the camps population grew to a total of 750. Swansea had an electric light company, an auto dealer, a lumber company, even a barbar and an insurance agent. The town was active until 1924 but the original mining company went bankrupt in 1912. There are two cemeteries at the site, and ruins of the smelter are extensive. Swansea was named after Swansea, Wales, where refined ore from the site was shipped. The ore was shipped via railroad to a destination on the Colorado River, where it was transferred to river freighters and then again transferred to ships on the gulf of California for shipment to Swansea, Wales via Cape Horn. -GT

Otto enjoying the desert

Something you don't want to see 25 miles into the desert.  Keys on the seat with all doors locked:-)  My friend Otto and I got out to the truck to take a few pictures and all went well until we returned to the truck.  But thanks to Coach-Net road service we were back on our way in 2 hours. 

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