Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chevrolet Dealer Service Review Covington GA

When I need service on my truck I like to visit the local GM dealer and it seems I am always in a new area when the service is due.  I have visited a lot of different dealers over the last couple of years and have always received great service.  I have had no bad experiences but all of the wait times and lounge areas have been different so I thought I would start reviewing the different locations and share my reviews.

                                Ginn Chevrolet Dealer in Covington GA
                                I took the truck in to run a diagnostic check because the engine light was on.  It was close time for an oil change and fuel filter replacement so I had it all taken care of at one time.
                                The service area lounge was next to the service area and not in the show room like most of the other dealerships I have visited.  The lounge was clean with comfortable seating.  There were not many people in the lounge but even if every seat was taken it would have been comfortable.
                                There was no coffee, water, or snacks in the lounge area.  The lounge area had separate restrooms for male and female, the men’s room was clean.  I was told there was free WiFi.  When I attempted to log in I was asked for a password.  There was no posting in the area to supply the password and you had to ask the service department personnel for the password.  When I was checking out I found a coffee pot in the cashier area which is close to the lounge.
                                Running the diagnostics and changing the oil/filter and fuel filter took about 2 hours.
                                Service was timely the staff was very informative and pleasant.

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