Monday, June 5, 2017

Riverside Auto Center Service Review

I found a local auto shop in Bonners Ferry that came highly recommended from several campers.

Riverside Auto Center, Inc.  Bonners Ferry ID

                I arrived at Riverside Auto Center at 10:00am they have a show room, car lot, and a full service repair center.  I pulled up to the service entrance and parked my truck and walked into the service area.  I was met by a customer representative and asked if she could help me.  I explained I would like my oil and filter changed.  She told me that would not be a problem and she check to confirm and told me they could get to it would out delay.

                After supplying all need information I retrieved my backpack from the truck.  The truck was taken in for service.  The lounge area was small but neat with comfortable chairs for six with a small table for the little ones.  The small table had coloring books and other things for the children’s entertainment.  The lounge area had a Keurig Coffee machine along with the standard vending machines and some magazines.           

                In less than an hour my truck had been serviced and washed.  The service to my truck and customer service was outstanding I could not have asked for a better job.  I know I cannot expect to be taken in as soon as I arrive but it was nice for them to actually check status and not just tell me to park it over there and we will get to it.  Riverside Auto Center is not one of the big dealerships but they gave me the same level of service I have come to expect from the big dealerships or maybe a little better.


  1. I’ve heard that the shop is good for repairs, and the best part about the shop is that they get the work done in no time.

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