Monday, December 25, 2017

The Trail Center of Charleston Review

Friends (Walter and Kathy) purchased a Jayco Fifth Wheel from The Trail Center in North Charleston SC.  They had owned a camper in the past but it was quite some time ago and they never really got into camping.  So to say the least Walter and I have had several conversations about my life on the road and living in my camper.  As the time approached the big pick up date of their camper Walter asked if I would like to ride with him when pick it up.  Like all RVers’ I told him if he really wanted me to I would go…but the truth was I was delighted to go.  Always fun looking at different campers specially a friend’s camper.

The Trail Center is a small family owned full service RV center.  It was originally started in 1966 and in 1973 the current owner Gloria Morgan started working with them as the bookkeeper and when on to purchase the business in 1993.  I purchased my first camper a 27 foot Salem travel trailer from them about that same year.  The service at that time was great and you will see in my review below that nothing has changed.

We arrived at the Trail Center off Dorchester Rd in North Charleston around 10:00 am and was greeted by Jay Morgan the sales manager.  Walter and Jay proceed into the office to complete the paperwork on the camper.  I started wandering around in the show room finding things to purchase that I did know I needed until they jumped out at me.  The show room was well stocked and laid out in an orderly and neat arrangement.   I have visited a lot of RV Centers from the big mega stores to the little hole in the wall stores.  In my opinion the Trail Center has all the convenience and selections of the mega stores with the small family owned atmosphere. 

As I was finishing my browsing/shopping I joined Walter and Jay in the lot as they were starting the walk thru of the camper.  They had started at the front where Walter had them change the standard 5th wheel hitch out for a goose neck type that he currently has in his truck for farm use.  The installation looked like it had come from the factory with it installed.  We then continued around the entire outside to include the operations of the slides, auto leveling system, and water management.  After a very detailed tour of the exterior we went inside and again Jay covered all the components and systems and answered all our questions.  This was probably one of the most detailed and informative walk thru I have been a part of, and I have purchased several campers of the years.

Over all I give the Trail Center and Jay an outstanding rating based my taking the walk thru with Walter and shopping in their show room.  The entire staff at The Trail Center was very professional and friendly.  It was a very delightful experience to join Walter on the walk thru of his camper and dealing with the staff at The Trail Center.

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