Monday, March 12, 2018

Wall Street Moab Style

I am hosting at Williams Bottom BLM Campground on Scenic Hwy 279 approximately 10 miles from downtown Moab.  About a quarter of a mile from the campground is a popular climbing area they call “Wall Street”.  You can see from the pictures the walls are right on the street just enough room to park your vehicle and start climbing.  The walls are several hundred feet tall (I was told 400 feet tall) with most of the climbs 50-60 feet. 

To go with the climbing Moab has world class mountain bike trails and 4X4 trails all through the canyon of the area.  The area has some beautiful scenery with hiking trails, scenic highway drives and a good network of paved walking and bike trails.  The hiking trails are as short as 100 yards to several miles with plenty of information on each trail to help you decide which ones to take and which to pass on.

If you enjoy outdoor adventures Moab UT has got to be put on your places to visit.  The first week I was here I had two base jumpers come off a cliff near the camper and land about 100 yards from the camper.  Sorry I did not see the base jumpers getting ready so no pictures.  Moab takes outdoor adventures to the next level if not beyond.


  1. It is an interesting life I have decided to follow in retirement.
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