Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alaska 2017 Part 2

The one thing I wanted to do in 2016 when visiting Alaska was explore the Dalton Hwy.  With no reserve fuel I decided not to explore the Dalton Hwy.  The Dalton Hwy or as locals call it “The Haul Road” is 414 miles long and starts approximately 80 miles north of Fairbanks off the Elliot Hwy.  The first published fuel stop along the Dalton Hwy is in Cold Foot 240 miles from Fairbanks.  I was told that there was another fuel stop about 100 miles closer to Fairbanks at the Yukon River crossing.
To allow me to explore the Dalton Hwy and see if all the great fish stories I have been told is true I have installed a 63 gallon auxiliary tank in the bed of my truck.  I now have a fuel capacity of 99 gallons (36+63).  Based on information from last year’s travels in Alaska I should get approximately 6-7 miles per gallon on the Dalton Hwy.  This will give me the capacity to explore the Dalton Hwy and with a little luck I will hook up with a few large Arctic Grayling and some pictures of the Northern Lights
RDS Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank Insulation Kit

The pictures does not look like the wedge tank but it is the wedge tank

Arctic Grayling Caught on Chatanika River in Alaska 2016

Part 3 Should I take a second camera or upgrade my lens collection? Coming Soon.

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