Monday, January 2, 2017

Where to Winter 2017

Planning My Next Adventure
With the New Year here it is time to plan my winter travels.  As usual I left Livonia MI in the fall getting out ahead of the winter wonderland of the mid-west and headed south. 
I stopped for a few days visiting with my sister in Henderson NC.  I stayed on Kerr Lake at the J.C. Cooper Campground some of the sites would have been a challenge to get my 34’ fifth wheel into but I found several sites that were more than large enough for me.  The campground is a great place to stay the site were spacious and a lot of them were on the lake with the electrical hookup in the normal location but the potable water connections varied with every site so a long water hose(50+ feet)would be a good thing to have here. 
After leaving NC I headed to Cottageville SC to spend a little time with my friend Paul at his hunt camp.  There were still a few downed trees from Hurricane Mathews that needed to be removed.  So instead of guns and fishing rods we got out the chain saws.  From Cottageville I headed to Ridgeville to spend some time with my son Michael and his family.  I always enjoy my time at Michael’s there is plenty of space for me with electrical outlet and potable water…plus close enough for Bryce (my grandson) to walk over and hangout with me.  When leaving SC I head to Covington GA to visit friends and make plans for the winter.
So where do I want to spent the winter.  SC and GA are not bad choices and they are top of list with TX and FL competing for the number one choice.  To be completely honest AZ is my top choice but looking at my spring and summer plans staying close to the east coast would be a better winter location for me.  Using and US Climate Data I started looking at areas in FL and TX.  I found that prices and availability is about the same with FL a little more expensive than TX for similar campgrounds.  As I have not spend a winter in either place I wanted to get an idea of the climate so I visited US Climate Data to get the average temperature and rain fall.  Looks like Weslaco TX area is my top pick at his time subject to change.  The reasons I selected Weslaco is the monthly rate is $400 not the cheapest but a good rate, approximately 1 inch of rain a month for January thru March with average temperatures mid 70’s high and low 50’s for the average low.  The average rain fall is a big factor in my choice because I like to wax my fifth wheel at least once a year so with warm temperatures and dry climate it make this task a lot easier.  Cold rainy or just rainy weather make washing and waxing a 34 foot fifth wheel a real challenge and the warm climate gives me more incentive to ride my bike more.

The next question is will I stay in the GA/SC area or will I spent the winter in TX.  I am here in Covington for the next few weeks with doctor appoints and a few friends I want to visit with.  Once my business is completed here I will make my decision for the winter…

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