Monday, August 1, 2016

Ophir BLM Campground drive

Blue Berries they are every where

More Blue Berries

7/20/16 Wednesday...Prindle BLM Campground
                46 this morning Mid 50’s for a high today.  Cloudy with rain.
                Lots of rain last night heavy at times actually waking me up.  I was going to hike toward Prindle Mt but with the heavy fog this morning and forecast for rain all day I think I will pass on the hiking.  8AM it is still 46 degrees.
                Batteries at 88% this morning.  Batteries were at 91% yesterday evening and 88% at bed time watched a movie.
                Tomorrow will be the 10th day here at Prindle and will have to relocate.  I have enjoyed my time here at Prindle course the weather has been great warm clear days and cool nights.  I have figured out how to catch grayling in the creek and lots of hiking options.  There is no shade here and even with the rain and overcast my solar panels and been keeping the batteries in good condition.  With the rain that is forecasted I need to stay in an open area and try to stay out of any shade sites.  I will check out Ophir Campground today to check the road condition and camp sites.
                Ophir BLM campground looks good some shade but not enough to effect the solar panels.  Plenty of sites I could fit into.  Picked some blue berries and caught a couple of grayling on the ride to Ophir.  The view at Ophir is not a good as Prindle more trees to block the views the creek is much larger here and free flowing few obstruction to create fishing hot spots.  The road was gravel and in good condition

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