Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Richardson/Glen Highway with Lisa and Carolyn

8/18/ Thursday  Walmart Wasilla        48 overcast
                                I again was up 2:30 AM to check for a possible siting of the Northern lights, no luck the sky was completely overcast.
                Made some cinnamon buns last night and had them for breakfast this morning with coffee.
Drove the Glen Hwy to Wasilla today what a beautiful drive.  There are several glaciers along the Glen hwy that offers great view along the drive and multiple pull off for photo opportunities.  The road itself was in fair to good condition with some damaged areas but for the most part a pleasant drive.  Took a lot of pictures but as in the last few days the cloud cover prevents any real good photos.  The views are still beautiful but with my limited skills these photos will not do the scenery any justice.

8/17/16 Wednesday   Glen Hwy MM 176                   Lower 50’s overcast light rain  66 partly cloudy
                Up this morning at 1AM and 2:30AM checking the shy for any sign of the Northern Lights.  The sky was partly cloudy with the moon still up at 1AM and at 2:30AM the moon was down but even more clouds so no Northern Lights this morning…maybe tonight.
                Lot of beautiful scenery yesterday and got lots of good pictures.
                Drove on through the Denali Highway to Paxton.  There is nothing in Paxton from what I saw other than fishing areas and a few B&B’s.  Spend the night on the Glen Highway with an outstanding view of the Wrangell Mountain’s.  Lots of pot holes but it was worth the slow drive to see all the great scenery that is along the Denali hwy.
                Looked like either hunting season has started or a lot of scouting going on along the Denali Highway.  Four wheels with gun racks and people using spotting scopes.  But no sign of any caribou or moose being harvested.

Marks for snow removal.  These markers are not every where just in area of high snow drift areas along the highway.

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  1. Your pictures are fantastic but you're right about them not doing the scenery justice. I still can't believe we got to see all the beautiful sights!