Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alaska Trip 2017 Cancelled

One of my bucket list items “Work Camping” or “Camp Host Position” just worked it way to the top of the list.  I have been looking for the right position and I think I have found it in Bonners Ferry Idaho. 

I have applied for Camp Host position in the past but they were filled before the park received my application.  My criteria was to have hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, and a place to ride my bicycle preferably in or close to the Rocky Mountains.

I was looking at my options to possibly camp host in Alaska this summer when I stumbled on several listing for campground host for USDA NFS in Idaho.  In lieu of submitting applications as in the past I started calling the listed phone numbers for the campground managers.  The first couple I called I had to leave messages so I thought no luck here.  About an hour after I left a message for Robinson Lake near Bonners Ferry ID I got a call back.  The park manager and I had a short discussion on my qualification and basic duties of the campground host ending with him asking me to go online and submit an application. 

Within minutes of submitting the application I got one email telling me no position available and another telling me my application was forwarded to Robinson Lake.  I thought same as in the past…then I receive another email from the manager I spoke with confirming he received my application.

Within 2 hours of submitting I received another email from Robinson Lake campground manager asking for references.  Later that same day I got a second call from the campground manager after he had checked out my references with an offer for the Campground Host Position at Robinson Lake for the summer.  We discussed duties in some detail and expectations for both of us.  My official dates are 25 May thru 5 September with the options of arriving 1 May and leaving 30 September.

No Alaska pictures this year but plenty of pictures of my adventures as a campground host at Robinson Lake, Bonners Ferry Idaho to come.

The pictures below are off the following site

Robinson Lake

Kootenia River Valley

Kootenia River


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  2. I followed the link to your dad's blog. A fascinating side trip on this cold and rainy day--much appreciated!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip, Rhetta! He takes some great pictures, so it's always fun to drop by and see what's going on :)