Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review of Feldman Chevrolet Service Center Livonia MI

Current Location: Livonia MI
Next stop: Brighton State Park MI

Overall Rating: Very Good Experience Great Service 

I arrived a head of the 7am appointment and waited for the service department to open.  At 7AM sharp they opened and took me right in.  Within an hour I was talking with a technician explaining what had happen and what type fuel and DEF I had been using.

The Customer Lounge was in the same area as the cashier office.  The seating was spacious with both tables and lounge chairs with movable mini tables attached to several of the lounge chairs.  The area was clean and orderly with newspaper and magazines for reading along with new on the TV.  There was an area with toys of the little ones.  There was a large display screen that gave status of vehicles in the service area.

They had fresh brewed coffee not only did they have creamer and sugar there were several favors of coffee syrup available.  There was complementary water and fresh popcorn in the lounge area.  The coffee was good I had several cups thinking about taking a morning walk while staying with my daughter Christina and stopping in for coffee.

To go along with the coffee, popcorn, and small bottles of complementary water there are vending machines with a variety of drinks and snacks.

They have free WiFi that seems to be more than adequate for checking email, and doing some web surfing.   The WiFi was not password protected you did not have to look or ask for the password just start using it.

They offered a shuttle service but why leave great coffee and popcorn with TV to watchJ

10:45 repairs completed and ready for pickup.  When I got there my Service Advisor Don asked if I would like to speak with Bill the technician about the repairs.  I met with Bill and he was very informative on the test and actions he took to correct the issue with DEF quality.

I took my 2012 Silverado Duramax in for “Diesel Exhaust Fluid of Low Quality” message I received on my dash display.  I also cleared a P2201 NOx Sensor code a couple of days ago with my new fancy code reader?  So it looked like clearing the code may had made things worse????  In the end I found that clearing the code had no adverse effect on the truck.  The problem was corrected with a few test to confirm my DEF was not contaminated then a forced regen (a soot cleaning process) and an update to the ECM (engine control module).

Bottom line the customer lounge gets top rating, the service gets top rating, and customer care also gets top rating.  

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